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With the rapid growth of fraudulent cases in recent years, innocent people have been victimized with misuse of their documents. In order to safe guard their valuable assets and to minimize their counterfeiting activities, Lead Enterprises (P) Ltd. takes a pioneer step in supplying documents and equipment with various security features. The prime objective of Lead Enterprises (P) Ltd is to provide its customers with the highest quality of services and security products.   Lea

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What We Do?

  • Printing of MICR Bank Cheques
  • MICR Personalization and Encoding Services
  • Supplier of TROY HP MICR Security Printers
  • Supplier of GLOBALIS DIGITAL CHECK Scanner
  • Supplier as well as service provider of MICR and Image Qualifier Test Equipment
  • Supplier of Credit/Debit/ATM Card Printing/Embossing and Encoding Machines
  • Pin Mailer
  • Credit Card, ATM card
  • Bank Certificates and other security documents for banks
  • Other Secure Credentials

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