MICR Scanner Related

The service provider you purchased the scanner from should have supplied an application or you can get directly the driver from Lead Enterprises website in support menu. Drivers will be installed at time of initialization.

The check cannot be inserted into the scanner until the application allows it. This is indicated by the LED on the front of the scanner changing from Amber to Green. At this point you can insert the document. It must be fed with the MICR line to the right, and inserted squarely against the right edge of the feed tray as indicated by the icon on the scanner insertion tray.

The idle state for the scanner is solid Amber, it only changes to Green when the application instructs that a document is to be fed.

One short beep with the LED flashing Green indicates that the unit was successful in reading the MICR line Three short beeps with the LED flashing Red indicates that the unit was not successful in reading MICR line.

One long beep with the LED flashing Red indicates that an error occurred during processing of the captured image.

One beep during power up sequence is part of self diagnostic test.

Your first point of contact to repair your check scanner should be the distributor you purchased the scanner from.