MICR Personalization Bureau

We are pleased to inform you that Lead Enterprises (P) Ltd. has opened a MICR Personalization Bureau in the heart of Kathmandu City to provide complete MICR cheque personalization services for banks and other financial institutions in Nepal.

Essential to any financial institutions are fast, efficient and easy to use cheque encoding and personalization devices. Our cheque encoding and personalization devices takes maximum advantages of the available technology providing a powerful production environment for cheque book printing and encoding of cheques or valuable documents. For the purpose of security and to make cheque transactions safer, we deliver quality assured MICR technologies.


We give below the advantages of doing Cheque Personalization off-site i.e. on our location as against the proposal of doing the activity on-site i.e. at your premises.


  1. Savings on the cost of Equipment: We will invest in cheque printing and personalization  equipment to do the job. The Bank does not have to invest in the same.
  2. Savings on the cost of Premises: As the complete activity will take place on our premises the Bank will not have to use up precious real estate in form of a printing room and an even greater amount in form of paper storage.
  3. Inventory Management Hassles: We will take up the entire responsibility of managing cheque inventory on site and implement best practices in secure storage and movement of stationery. The Bank will be entirely free of elaborate procedures of inventory management.
  4. Savings on Compliance Requirements: We will complete all compliance requirements in terms of security of the premises as well as the security of the process. The Bank will not have to incur expenditure for the same.
  5. Savings on Power: As the activity will not take place on-site the Bank will save on Power and Investment in a backup generator.
  6. Savings on Maintenance: Typically if the Bank invests in the equipment and all the infrastructure requirements to support the activity there will only be a one year free support for the same. Maintenance costs could be as high as 15% from the second year onwards. The Bank will probably have to invest in a new machine in two to three years time. With us you will only pay for the cheque book and nothing else.
  7. Software development expenses: Any additional tweaking and modules in the software for Cheque Personalization  beyond a standard configuration will be charged as extra. This will not be the case with our process.
  8. Testing Equipment: We have a MICR testing capability and will ensure the best quality of MICR printing.
  9. Better Finishing: With our high precision cutting equipment and skilled staff we will offer you better finishing in the cheque book which would be more presentable than the Cheque books made in house.
  10. Economies of Scale: We plan to offer services to a number of Banks from our premises under proper implementation of compliance and security measures. As we build up volumes we will pass on the economies to scale to all our clients.
  11. Implementation of Best Practices: We bring to the table our vast experience in the field and we will ensure that the best practices in the industry will be continuously sought and implemented to make it a best value proposition to all our clients.