MICR Cheque Features

All cheques are guaranteed to comply with all Clearing Bank, Cheque & Credit Clearing Company and NRB guidelines and regulations.

Compulsory Features

Security Cheque paper ultraviolet dull

Cheque paper is very strictly controlled. Only accredited cheque printers can buy it from accredited paper mills. Cheque paper is ultraviolet dull. It does not reflect blue under ultraviolet light unlike ordinary paper. The paper must comply with regulations for weight, feel and quality.

Watermarked cheque stationery

Cheques shall carry a standardised watermark, with the text “NEPAL” which can be seen when held against any light source.

Aqua security ink

Water based security ink which reacts if water is used to make alterations. Also only available to accredited cheque printers.

Solvent security ink

Solvent based security ink which reacts if solvents are used to make alterations – only available to accredited cheque printers.

Invisible ultraviolet complex pattern

The pattern can only be seen under an ultraviolet light. The complex design has to be approved by NRB.

Standard security background design

Standard designs still need to be complex but are not personalised with customers’ logos etc.

MICR band

The codeline must be in magnetic ink. The signal strength size, style and layout must be exact to pass regulations.

Micro text printing

Lines to the naked eye but under magnification made up of text.

Void Pantograph

Pantograph with hidden / embedded “VOID” feature shall be included in the cheques. This would act as a deterrent against colour photocopy or scanned colour images of a cheque.

Optional Security Features


Impossible to remove or photocopy. Almost impossible and costs several thousands to create.

Split duct printing

Printing process where colours fade from one to another.

Thermochromic ink

Changes colour when heated.

Customised security background design

Complex designs using customer’s logo and company name.