CardWizard Issuance Software

Datacard® CardWizard® issuance software is the world’s best-selling instant issuance solution for debit and credit cards. In minutes, consumers can leave a branch or store location with a personalized, permanent and activated card.

• Proven and robust. CardWizard software has been continuously refined to meet customer requirements for over 15 years. It has delivered measurable results in more than 7,500 financial and retail locations worldwide.

• Tightly integrated. CardWizard software is integrated with more than 30 card management and card authorization systems making the implementation process fast and efficient.

• Personalization flexibility. Integration with a broad range of Datacard® issuance systems allows for secure and affordable issuance of multiple form factors, including embossed cards, flat cards, contact and contactless smart cards.

• EMV® compliant solution. Designed to meet the needs of any smart card program, CardWizard EMV Server software empowers card issuers to build cost-effective smart card personalization into their issuance environments. It utilizes industry leading data preparation and personalization solutions — Datacard® Affina® Issuance Management software and Datacard® Syntera® Customization Suite Hosted Smart card software.

• Highly scalable. CardWizard software is designed to scale to accommodate program changes and meet the volume requirements of the world’s largest financial institutions or retailers.