BNA 800i®

  • Full Color screen: 2.8” graphic lcd display.
  • Multi-currencies capability:
    Can recognize up to 10 currencies (optional) including Nepali currency.
  • Various count modes:
    Mixed / Single / Count / Denomination.
  • Enhanced counterfeit detection:
    Multichannel of UV / Full IR / MRFull color CIS.
  • Various sorting modes:
    (optional: serial number reading).
  • Dual user system:
    Two users can share one BNA 800i®.
  • Note Thickness: 0,08 – 0,12 mm.
  • Easy upgrade:
    Upgrade using usb memory stick or pc interface.
  • Easy jam removal:
    2 opening covers ensuring easy cleaning and maintenance.
  • BNA 800i®: Can be placed even on a small table.
  • Dustcover in front: no flying out of notes, less noise.