Entrust Datacard EMV Personalization System is developed to provide banks the software and personalization systems required to print EMV with batch card printing machines. The integration of HSM security hardware to the system for coding purposes during personalization is also performed by Entrust Datacard.


Entrust Datacard personalization software allows adaptation to all card systems regardless of brand and model, and provides high-performance card personalization. The system offers comprehensive solutions to improve operation, and incorporates an advanced reporting system that can generate a variety of reports related to card printing.


The global payment system continues to transition from magnetic stripe to chip technology, primarily for the security benefits offered by smart cards. Many countries are adopting the EMV standard. In fact, approximately 42 percent of all payment cards and 76 percent of all terminals worldwide now incorporate EMV smart card programs. This is being driven by a need to combat the high rate of card cloning fraud that frequently occurs with magnetic stripe cards.



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