Banknote Sorting Machine 


BNS 1000i Banknote sorter

The latest techniques and software developments are used to accomplish not only today’s but also for future needs in the banking environment. Be sure your money is safe and let us help you to save costs in the handling of your cash.


  • Full fitness sorting:
  • Detection of adhesive tape, soil, stain, grafiti, fold, tear, wrinkle, missing corner, hole, dog ears, ink wear, multiple overlapping of notes, thickness etc.
  • 5” full colour, touch screed (LED).
  • Various operation modes:

            Mixed / single / face / orient / count / fitness (ATM/Fit) Denominiation or Customized sorting.

  •  Enhanced counterfeit detection:

            Magnetic sensor, UV sensor and IR sensor

  • Multi-currencies capability (optional: up to 10 different currencies).
  • Serial number reading: possibility to upload serial data.
  • Double CIS standard.
  • Various Report modes.
  • User friendly interfaces: easy Menu settings.
  • Easy upgrade: Using USB  memory stick or via LAN (optional).
  • Easy jam removal and separate dust collection.


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