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TROY Group Inc., United States

TROY Group, Inc. (“TROY”) is a worldwide leader of secure on-demand printing solutions. TROY solutions manage, secure and simplify end-to-end enterprise printing environments. TROY offers application software, security printing hardware and specialized consumables for securely printing checks, money orders, transcripts, prescriptions and other important documents.

With various levels of document fraud prevention specialized items like security toner, which releases a red stain when chemical alteration is attempted, allows for immediate visibility that a document has been tampered with. Other security features built into items like secure check paper are forensic features which require a more in depth investigation. TROY offers three levels of check paper: TROY SECURITY Check Paper, TROY SECURITY PLUS Check Paper, and TROY FORTRESS Check Paper to meet the various level of needs.

Check paper, check printers, MICR toner, and Check Printing Software are essential components when printing a MICR document. MICR Toner, a specialized toner utilized by LaserJet Printers, allows for the E-13B and CMC-7 fonts to be read with a bank reader-sorter machine.


Thai British Security Printing Public Company Limited (TBSP), Thailand

TBSP has consistently developed new products using modern technology over the last 30 years. The company is one of the most advanced and distinguished in Thailand, winning customers' confidence for its security products as well as its accountability in the public interest for both environmental protection and good governance. All this is evidenced by the following achievements.


EIH Limited, Unit: Printing Press, India

EIH Press is one of the largest and most technologically advanced print production facilities in the country - a world-class, fully air-conditioned, completely integrated press driven by ongoing technology initiatives, stringent quality control measures and highly skilled human resources. Its extensive in-house infrastructure enables it to handle all kinds of print production including pre-press and post-production processes on an end-to-end basis.

Ever since its inception three decades ago, the EIH Press has grown and expanded rapidly, establishing itself as one of the largest and most technologically advanced print production facilities in the country. Today, it comprises a world-class, fully air-conditioned, completely integrated press backed by ongoing technology initiatives, stringent quality control measures and highly skilled human resources. The press has invested in considerable infrastructure that enables it to handle all kinds of print production including pre-press and post-production processes on an end-to-end basis, with no dependence on external resources.


Globali’s International Inc., Canada

Globalis International specializes in providing banking peripherals, multilingual printing solutions and Mobility Solutions for the International market. Globalis builds on over 20 years of market expertise in multilingual technology and International business.

Today, Globalis is considered as a major provider of specialized Banking peripherals and multi-technology printing solutions in Africa, Middle East, South-West Asia and Central America.


RDM Corporation, Canada

For over twenty years, RDM has been setting the standard for, and providing innovative solutions that make the production of checks and document processing more efficient and cost-effective. RDM  believes that a company can not be all things to all people, which is why they have chosen to focus on improving, expanding, and developing their fundamental markets and products. They specialize in enabling and supporting electronic check conversion and bill payments, providing complete image management, MICR/OCR and image quality control solutions.

RDM Corporation is headquartered in Waterloo, Ontario and trades on the Toronto Stock Exchange under the symbol RC. RDM is a leading provider of specialized software and hardware products for electronic payment processing. RDM has pioneered electronic check conversion systems and web based image and transaction management services for banks, retailers, payment processors and government agencies as well as print quality control and image quality systems for a variety of global customers.

The RDM QCX offers comprehensive tools and reporting as well as extensive options that make document testing easy for the beginner, and detailed enough for an experienced professional. The QCX software, with enhanced hardware precision, leaves no room for subjectivity as it analyzes strictly according to the various country standards, ensuring that check printers and banks will get the same “pass or fail” results.


Entrust Datacard Corporation, United States

Building on a 40-year heritage of customer success, Datacard remains the industry’s best selling brand of secure ID and card personalization solutions. Every day, these solutions are used to personalize and deliver more than 10 million cards and 7 million smart cards, including more than 90 percent of the world’s payment cards.


SCS International, Netherlands

Today, in the modern world, cash however still functions as the most spread way of payment. People all over the world find it the most trustworthy means of payment.

SCS International, a relatively new player in the market, is run by a board with many years experience in the cash handling industry. As a worldwide player SCS International is willing to deal with clients and provide solutions all over the world. 

The latest techniques and software developments are used to accomplish not only today’s but also for future needs in the banking environment. Be sure your money is safe and let SCS International help you to save costs in the handling of your cash. Counting, sorting, banding or strapping all special designed by SCS International to make your money handling safer and more efficient.


Garud Securities (P) Ltd, Nepal

Sensing the need for a professional security organization that would cater to its clients’ very security need, Garud Securities Pvt. Ltd. was established in 2005, and has managed in the short period of seven years to become one of the leading players in the security industry. Garud offer intensive training to their staffs so that wherever they go to perform their duty they do have enough training. Our affiliation with them helps us ensure a secure channel of delivery for all cheques and security collaterals we provide our clients.


Kentel Corporation, India

Kentel Corporation (ISO 9001:2008 Certified) is the leading manufacturer, supplier and wholesaler of Currency Handling Equipment and Paper Shredders. Their precision engineered range of office automation products comprises Currency Counting Machine (desktop model), Currency Counting Machine (floor model), Loose-Note Counting Machine, Automatic Currency Counter, Bundle Note Counter, Fake Note Detectors, Paper Shredders and others that have gained huge appreciation and are demanded in Supermarkets, Banks, Restaurants, Amusement Parks, Gas Stations, Grocers, Religious Organization, Schools and many more. The machines are thoroughly tested for quality so that they conform to the industry standards. They have a long list of clientele based across the globe and predominantly in Kuwait.

Motivated by excellent managerial skills of their experts over the years, they have marked themselves as a well establish name in the concerned area. In addition to this, they also have the ability to customize their range as per the specifications detailed by the clients.

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