TROY MICR 3015  

Working in an environment that is secure and not easily accessible? The TROY MICR 3015 provides the capability to MICR documents utilizing the TROY MICR and Security Fonts. A replacement to the TROY MICR 3005 series, the solution is ideal for Accounts Payable, Payroll and Exception check printing in a small workgroup environment.
With the potential to print 42 pages per minute, this machine allows for quick output of checks and other negotiable documents. The TROY MICR 3015 has 128MB of built-in memory which allows the printer queue more print information locally. 

This Energy Star Qualified Product, offers additional fraud deterrent features including:

  • User authorization to print confidential data files
  • Ability to direct confidential data transmissions to specific paper trays
  • Intelligence that prevents printing MICR data with non MICR toner
  • Protection from duplicate check printing with TROY’s disable jam recovery function

Delivered with a TROY MICR Toner Cartridge specifically formulated for the TROY MICR 3015 printer, check processing performance exceeds ANSI, ABA and CBA standards. 

ExPT™ Exact Positioning Technology

A MICR line out of alignment is one cause of rejected checks, a multi-million dollar problem for banks and companies. ExPT™ allows users to precisely adjust the MICR line without affecting the data file.


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