MICR Security Printers 


We use TROY MICR security printers. TROY MICR Printers, enhanced with the capability of locking a print job, allow for job authentication. Providing only authorized personnel with the ability to print, the convenience of the new numeric key pad allows the PIN number to be easily entered unlocking the printer capabilities for each print job.

TROY offers MICR locks and paper tray locks to reduce the risk of check stock theft and printer misuse. A MICR line out of alignment is one cause of rejected checks, a multi-million dollar problem for banks and companies. ExPTTM allows users to precisely adjust the MICR line without affecting the data. Data security is critical in a distributed printing application. TROY’s encryption/decryption technology “unlocks” and prints the data only when it is received at the TROY printer.



  • High, Medium, and low volume production design, and provide security options to fit our need
  • MICR Toner Secure – with a special security dye which bleeds red if fraudulent alteration is attempted using solvents
  • Troy Printers are fully compatible with TROY MICR cartridges and standard HP cartridges
  • Saving of 10 to 15percent less energy on each print job
  • TROY ExPT™ — Exact Positioning Technology
  • MICR Toner Sensing – ensures the correct toner cartridge is installed
  • Disable Jam Recovery – prevents duplicate documents
  • Auto Set MICR Density
  • MICR Toner Low Notification
  • Flash Memory for Storing Digital Signatures and Logos
  • User Customizable Microprint Font
  • Three PIN-activated Controls: Printer, MICR, Job
  • MICR Line and Cheque Audit Trail Reporting
  • DataStream Encryption and Decryption
  • Auto Disable MICR Mode
  • Password Protected Signatures and Logos






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